THIRSTY - a is a cocktail app with thousands of recipes and instructions. THIRSTY is your own personal bartender, who will dish the inside knowledge about making the best cocktails right there to you in your ear. No matter what you ask THIRSTY; what liquor, which glass, which garnish or what part of the world it comes from, THIRSTY has the answer.


Never more will you find yourself in a situation where you don’t know exactly what to stock up on in order to create the most amazing drinks, nor will you look at the contents in your kitchen and bar cabinets wondering what you could possibly do with them. Because you will own that bar. Literally. Your friends will be amazed and impressed by your skills, and you can, deservedly, bask in your newfound glory as the best mixology master in your group.

THIRSTY provides you with all the inside information accumulated by thousands of expert bartenders cocktail stylists through time, all with an easy press of the “send” button. You will know exactly what to do, so confidently invite your friends over for a night of socialising, arrange some fun entertainment, games or movies, and serve amazing drink after amazing drink and dazzle your guests with your skills. Present a Tom Collins or Green Lantern gin and tonic, which will leave your friends envious of your obvious talent and refined tastes.


The more you use THIRSTY the better our staff will get to know you and your tastes, and they will be able to suggest recipes that are sure to tickle your fancy.


Our mixologist are always trying out new stuff and looking for new recipes, and every time they come up with something, they store it in our extensive archives; always available to you.


Our mixologists take pride in their work; they always want to have the best recipes, and they make sure that you get exactly what you want, matching the recipes to your requests.